Sludge Applicator
Image of broadcasting system

Top:  Mounted Sludge Applicator.

Bottom:  This Sludge Applicator is not yet mounted and depicts the broadcasting mechanism.

This equipment is used much like a Ram e Jec sludge disposal specialist.  There is one big difference.  Whereas the hydraulic ram blade pushes out the load in the Ram e Jec, the sludge applicator adds a rotating beater bar assembly that broadcasts the sludge while "on the move" over a defined area.  As you can see from the chassis (depicted in the top photograph), this machine is off road and functions over terrain that might give any other product some concern. Controlled application, variable content loads makes the Ram e Jec sludge application system the right choice for you.

Telescopic cylinder is controlled from cab, tightly wiping sides and bottom. Ejector blade carries sludge to rear gate. Single or dual beaters mount at rear.