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The Converto Lugger hoist is the ESSENTIAL hoist in North America. Used in scrap hauling and recycling it is, in a nutshell, a larger hoist that carries more load. It also uses a refined dumping capability. It does so while maintaining compatibility with older hoist dumping technology.

 Mounted Convertainer

Table : Model related information/approximate Weight of Hoist

Model # Loading Capacity Weight of Hoist Cylinder Size
54-H-12 12000 LBS 4600 LBS 7" x 40"
78-H-12 12000 LBS 5200 LBS 7" x 40"
78-H-20 20000 LBS 5200 LBS 8" x 40"
96-H-26 26000 LBS 7000 LBS 8" x 45"
96-H-30 30000 LBS 7000 LBS 9" x 45"
120-H-35 35000 LBS 7950 LBS 9" x 45"
120-H-35 LD 35000 LBS 8200 LBS 9" x 45"
120-H-50 50000 LBS 10000 LBS 9" x 50"

Why is it essential?

CONSIDER THE ALTERNATIVES : material collects in a stationary bin or area, requiring labor to load it into a vehicle for transport.  Or material collects in a parked trailer (which represents financial investment in purchase and upkeep).

Consider ConverTainer: the efficient system for material handling.  Place containers of appropriate size and shape at locations you select; move materials in these containers whenever and wherever you wish-letting one truck and one driver handle your complete ConverTainer system!  The trucks brings an empty container to the site, loads a full container from the site, returning with more containers as needed.  Productivity is at a maximum: vehicles and drivers keep working, not waiting idly for each other!  ConverTainer lift hoists are easily controlled by one driver.  They are versatile-handling a variety of containered materials.  Converto's exclusive J-hook system permits longer containers to be handled, and dumped, with stability and safety superior to that of systems using center dump hooks.

Dump method/containers



Converto will supply containers to your order for liquid or solid materials - or you may use other containers of similar appearance and dimension!  You are not limited to one manufacturer's container design.

Years of know-how help Converto engineer longevity into each product, saving you maintenance time and cost.  For example, load shifts result in slipping of the load arms on the load shaft.  With a ConverTainer unit, the worst thing that can happen is that a fitting held by six bolts may be forced out of position.  Replacement is a five minute operation.  Compare that with the redrilling which may be required by a broken shear pin assembly !

Heavy, rugged construction cuts maintenance costs.  Weight distribution is enhanced by mounting on a shorter cab to center of tandem dimension, increasing strength.

Easy access for service is built in. 

Twin J-hooks enable dumping, allow ConverTainer hoists to pick up other makes of containers.  In dumping the container is held firmly in place as hydraulic contactors fit into the curve of the "J."