Horizontal Discharge Systems

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Drinkable water requires effort.  The by-product of any municipal water treatment plant is sludge.  Transporting sludge for degradation is essential.  Disposing of it properly is one the problems solved by the versatile Converto Ram e Jec.  For discharge the system uses a powerful hydraulic ram blade to push the load out the back of the trailer body. The photograph below depicts regular steel construction. Stainless Steel is available for manufacture. Many regular steel trailers undergo anti-corrosion methods like sand blasting and special prime and paint treatments.  The Ram e Jec is also used in asphalt paving, aggregate transport and other types of material handling.  Where ejecting the load evenly from the rear ramp is required, the Ram e Jec is a proven performer. (cont'd)

Ram e Jec Trailer black
Above : Ram e Jec trailer with 44" sides. It has a tarp (optional) and a front auxiliary engine for use without  a tractor.

Sludge hauling doesn't require sludge handling.  The Ram e Jec horizontal discharge system but Converto works with hydraulic power to make manual handling unnecessary.  Load hang ups, common in gravity dependent dump systems, rarely happen with this system.  A powerful ram blade extends the full width and height of the rugged steel truck or trailer body.  This blade moves from front to rear, wiping the sides and bottom cleanly, ejecting the load evenly from a rear ramp.  This discharge may occur while the vehicle or in a motion (to create a windrow).  One driver/operator controls it all from a simple control panel at the side of the unit, or from within the cab.

The Ram e Jec is cleaner.  An optional ratchet or boomer-type locking device on the tailgate is designed to prevent leakage in transit.  The tailgate stays out of the way during the unloading.  An optional tarp may be used to cover loads in transit: this too, retracts manually for discharge.

The Ram e Jec is quick.  You may unload a 36 foot trailer in as little as two minutes, or use a measured rate of discharge to control pile height and shape.  Because hang ups are unlikely, the job is often done more quickly than by gravity dumping.  The imbalance of  gravity dump systems is mitigated.  Also mitigated is the presence of overhead obstructions.

Pioneer of the "sludge shuttle" makes lugger type ConverTainer lift hoists (for containered loads) and Ram e Jec systems for horizontal discharge all with sturdy steel specifications for dependable performance and heavy duty long term use.

Ram e Jec Trailer features and options